Mirror, Mirror

Nothing new in a long time, just an old piece from 2011…   Slowly, gradually, unnoticed in your sleep, suddenly awake, you don’t know where you are, how you got there, a mirror on the wall throws a puzzled look at you. Bare, naked, no shining armor, stranded in a strange land. Mirror, mirror on […]

Black Hole 3

Nothing new in a long time, just an old piece from 2011…   In space our minds meet and create what alone we can’t. Synapses fire differently in the absence of their parallel singularity. The realm of subconsciousness breached – subconscious awareness transformed into a distant dream, floating through time and space, eaten, devoured, and […]


My 2nd book “SoulSearching” is now available :)
It’s published through CreateSpace
and available on amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/SoulSearching-Collection-89-Poems-1/dp/1449945090

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Inspired by Transcendentalism, Emergence, and Existentialism, my poetry projects my spiritual-rationalist philosophy. My poems explore time, the intrinsic essence of things in contrast to their appearance, inspiration, perfection, fate, soulmates, dreams, and pursuit of freedom. They are coined by concepts of eternity, transience, harmony in opposites, alternate dimensions, and the unpredictability of fate. The gray zone between the polarity of extremes and our constant struggle between dreams/hopes/expectations versus reality/realism shape my work.

Well, what is there to know about me?
Writing has been a passion pretty much all my life. But there was a period in my life where I didn’t write. It was one of the things I sacrificed for a variety of reasons – from personal reasons to putting in late hours for my career and working multiple jobs. At age 33 I realized that things had to change, and “33” (my first book) symbolizes my newfound path. 33 also represents my age when I started to “live”.

Btw: All poems on this site are copyright protected and written by Katrin Atienza. All rights reserved. No reproduction – full or partial; digital, voice or print – without express written consent and/or licensing agreement.


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